How to date for people with ME/CFS

Many people with ME need a close person who’s capable to understand the burden of their condition and share their sufferings. Be certain that even with severe form of ME/CFS it’s real to find a couple!

Nowadays dating websites and services become increasingly popular. And it seems to be perfect solution for people with ME/CFS as 25% of them can’t even leave the house.

So, what’re the benefits of virtual datings?
At first, you can meet the same patients, who are isolated too and wishing to communicate. Is it possible to find a company better than somebody who completely shares your condition?

Secondly, minimum forces needed to start socializing. Filled profile and one good-quality photo enough.

And finally, on this site you will find people for different purposes such as friendship, relationships or partnership in travels and etc.

ME/CFS is not an obstacle for active social life anymore!


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